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Family Friendly Hikes In The Tempe And Phoenix Area

Spring and fall are the perfect season for hitting the trails with young hikers.

Sometimes I forget what a beautiful place Arizona is, but I’m always reminded when I go hiking. For example, no matter how many times you see a saguaro, you can’t deny that they look absolutely majestic. And if you’re a kid, a saguaro is the perfect spot to take a photo of you holding up your arms like a cactus. Seeing quail cross your path (especially baby quail) and spotting a jackrabbit or a lizard are also frequent reminders of the Sonoran Desert’s wonders.

The mild temperatures of winter and spring make for excellent seasons to bring your kids for a family friendly hike in Tempe or nearby Phoenix. There are so many hiking trails in the Tempe and Phoenix Metro area that are suitable for all ages, that we’ve written this trail guide to help you find options that we think are a great fit for toddlers to teens.

Before you hit the trail, here are a few hiking tips:

  • Always bring plenty of water for everyone and a good rule of thumb is to turn around when you have half of your water supply left.
  • Stay on the designated trails.
  • Bring snacks for your kids (and for you too). Hiking isn’t fun when you or your companions get hangry.
  • If you do bring snacks, remember to pick up your trash and #leavenotrace.
  • Apply sunscreen liberally and often. The famous Arizona sunshine feels so warm on your skin, but you don’t want a sunburn souvenir from your hiking excursion.  – more at



  1. “A” Mountain
  2. Papago Park
  3. South Mountain Park & Preserve
  4. Usery Mountain Regional Park
  5. Lost Dutchman State Park


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